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Tarmac Repair

Tarmac or asphalt is a hard wearing surface, but over a period of years the elements will cause the acrylic resins in the tarmac to 'dry out' leaving the tarmac vunerable to edges breaking, potholes, cracks and the colour fading.

Further degeneration of tarmac can be avoided and the original look of the tarmac restored by application of Tarmaseal™. Unlike cheap tarmac paints Tarmaseal™ soaks into the tarmac or asphalt replacing lost acrylic resins and colour.  

Prior to application of Tarmaseal™ (tarmac repair and asphalt restorer coating) many driveways or car parks will require some minor repairs. These repairs will normally be easily carried out with only basic DIY skill and  a couple of easy to work with inexpensive products. Generally the only tools that are required would be a club hammer, bolster and trowel.

Before any tarmac repairs being carried out the surface should be cleaned as well as possible, generally using a low pressure jet washer. The jet washing is carried out at low pressure to avoid further damage to the surface of the tarmac or asphalt.

If there is moss or staining on the surface a pre-treatment with fungicidal wash and oil stain remover is recommended.

Tarmac Repair-Step by Step

  • Treat moss (if present) with fungicdal wash
  • Pressure Clean
  • Cut out and fill potholes and broken edging
  • Repair Cracks
  • Apply two coats of Tarmaseal™ tarmac repair coating)

To view a short video showing a step by step guide to tarmac repairs see our 2 minute tarmac restoration video.

All the repair materials required to repair holes and cracks to tarmac can be purchased through this website.

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