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The first stage of preparation prior to the restoration of a tarmac driveway is to ensure you have the right tools and right materials to do the job.

Once you have taken some rough measurements, by going to Tarmacadam restorer project kits we can then supply you everything required for a professional job, at diy prices.

If there are any small repairs necessary, we can also supply you with easy to apply crack repair and hole filling materials.

Before any application of Tarmacadam restorer is considered, please  ensure the surface is a clean as possible, oil stains have been treated, repairs have been carried out and loose stones swept away.

The best method of cleaning is by power/jet washing at a low pressure to avoid further damage to the surface of the tarmac driveway. If algae or moss is present a pre-treatment with Smartseal fungicidal wash is advised for easier cleaning.

If you require professional cleaning of your driveway only, or you would like us to carry out all the work, fill in our online form and a approved Smartseal company will be in touch to give a free quotation, alternatively call us on 01268 722500 for more information.