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Another benefit of applying Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer is that future maintainence will be minimal, and far easier. This is because the tarmac is now effectively sealed, so algae, dirt, moss and other materials will not attach themselves to the surface in the same way.

Any ongoing maintainence should be restricted to a gentle sweep and annual wash down. The Tarmac restorer itself is a very durable product, but as with any other external product will require re-application from time to time.

For driveways that receive a normal ammount of traffic it should look about the same in three years time. A top up coat of Tarmacadam restorer is then recommended on average every 5 years.

For tarmac driveways that are more heavily trafficed or are in very shady, damp conditions more regular top up coats may be required.

Remember once the Tarmacadam restorer has been applied subsequent coats will require far less material than previously required. If you want to keep your driveway looking in pristine condition the Tarmacadam restorer can be re-applied at any time.

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