Tarmac repair coating superior to tarmac paint imageTarmac repair coating superior to tarmac paint image

Tarmac Repair Coating & Asphalt Repair Sealer, Superior to Tarmac Paint

Tarmac or asphalt  is very susceptible to deterioration because of the weather and general wear and tear. Technically tarmac is the 'glue' that holds the material together. This 'glue' is then mixed with different aggregates and coloured pigment to create a form of bituminous concrete, more often referred to as tarmac or asphalt.

Over a few years the tarmac's constant exposure to UV light and water will cause the materials colour to change from black to dull grey. It can then start to crack as the tarmac effectively 'dries out' from the effects of the sun.

Tarmaseal™ restores tarmac and asphalt close to its original condition. Tarmaseal™ is a easy to  apply DIY tarmac repair product, see our:- 2 minute tarmac restoration video.

Tarmaseal™ is a highly effective tarmac coating and sealing product, which is far more durable and natural looking than tarmac paint. The application of Tarmaseal™ tarmac repair coating re-introduces the lost acrylic polymers, re-colours the surface of and creates a protective barrier against UV light and water, benefits include:-

  • Easy application
  • Restores original colour
  • Offers durable, long term restoration
  • Will disguise existing stains and concrete marks.
  • Reduces future 'stone loss' from the tarmac.
  • Seals, waterproofs and protects tarmac or asphalt driveways.
  • Resistant to oil, diesel, grease and dirt stains

The tarmac sealer and asphalt restorer will also protect against oil stains, petrol, diesel, algae, moss and other forms of growth BUY NOW

Smartseal tarmac repair and restoration products will transform the look and condition of existing tarmac. It also represents a viable alternative to complete replacement of the Tarmacadam surface.

For further information on Smartseal tarmac sealer and tarmac restorer or to arrange a FREE quotation from an approved Smartseal installer fill in our online enquiry  or call 01268 722500.