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The Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer is easy to apply for DIY or trade customers. It can be applied with a industrial roller kit or external paint kit.

For most applications (dependent on condition) two coats of tarmac restorer are recommended at a ratio of between 40-60sq metres per 20 litre drum. Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer is also available in 5ltr containers which will cover between 10 -15m².


1, Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer is best applied when the surface is clean, dry, with temperatures above 10 degrees and no rain is forecast for at least 3hrs after application has been completed. 

2, Prior to commencing application throughly stir the material. This will ensure not only the pigment, but also the slip enhancing additive within the material are mixed throughly and not settled at the bottom of the container. This mixing can be carried out with anything from a stiff stick, broom handle,or a mixing paddle connected to a electric drill.

3, Areas adjacent to neighbours driveways, flower beds or lawns should be masked off with tape, or planks of wood to avoid un-wanted coverage.

4, For best results it is advised to use a long handled roller kit with a medium pile head.A soft broom or paint brush can be used for borders or hard to get to areas, but genarally a roller kit is best.

Once completed keep vehicles and foot traffic of the Tarmacadam until completely dry. If the surface requires two coats of Tarmacadam restorer ensure initial coat is dry before subsequent application.

If you require any further information on the application of Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer fill in our online form or call us on 01268 722500.